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February 2018 Archives

Top five reasons motorcycles crash

The intoxicating rush of adrenaline and sense of complete freedom make exploring America's highways and byways on a motorcycle a sublime experience. Yet as exciting as riding a motorcycle can be, experienced riders know that their journey might end in disaster at any given moment.

Study suggests way to prevent cellulitis misdiagnoses

Anyone in Kentucky who has been diagnosed with cellulitis will want to know about a new study regarding the condition. Cellulitis, a bacterial skin infection, tends to be misdiagnosed as pseudocellulitis, which is another condition that superficially resembles cellulitis. Both cellulitis and pseudocellulitis cause the skin to become red and swollen in a similar way. However, cellulitis can lead to blood infections if left untreated, so misdiagnosis can be a serious issue.

Gallbladder surgery errors could present as bile duct injuries

Laparoscopic surgery to remove the gallbladder usually goes well for patients in Kentucky. Most people recover very quickly, but, in almost 1 percent of cases, the surgery results in an injury to the bile duct. Surgical errors made during gallbladder removals represent the most common cause of trauma to the bile duct.

OSHA raises fines for violating silica standard

Figures from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration reveal that an average of14 construction workers around the country lost their lives in workplaces accidents each day in 2016, and many more became sick after being exposed to toxic substances while on the job. One of the most common hazards faced by Kentucky construction workers is fine dust known as crystalline silica, which has been linked to several deadly conditions including lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and kidney failure.

Cold stress can be a danger to outdoor workers

For workers in Kentucky, avoiding stress and injury due to the cold can be important, especially in the winter months. Cold stress is a particular concern for outdoor workers, and involves a danger related to a person's skin temperature. It is preventable, but when unchecked can lead to a person's internal and external body temperature dropping below a point from which it cannot successfuly warm itself. This kind of danger can lead to a number of serious injuries, up to and including death.

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