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April 2018 Archives

Proposals aim to improve construction workplace safety

For many construction workers in Kentucky and across the country, going to work can actually be dangerous. From the use of heavy equipment and materials to the particular dangers of unsafe job sites, construction workers can face an array of serious hazards. Because of the nature of construction injuries, accidents can threaten workers' lives and their continued ability to do their jobs.

Doubling of trench deaths prompts OSHA efforts

For many types of construction activities, from pipelines to building construction, workers are required to spend time in trenches. Kentucky workers should know the risks associated with working in a trench, and the federal government is making efforts to increase awareness of the dangers. Too often, safety measures are disregarded in the interest of time, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration hopes increased awareness will bring greater levels of compliance regarding workplace safety protocols related to working in trenches.

Road construction safety tips for drivers

It's that time of year again; roads are closing and undergoing construction. To most drivers, the start of roadwork season means longer commutes, confusing detours and navigating around traffic cones. However, these changes can also raise the risk of suffering a crash.

Defining distracted driving and how to prevent it

Although many Kentucky drivers are aware that distracted driving is hazardous and can result in car accidents. However, some drivers may not be aware that distracted driving was a factor in 3,477 car accident fatalities in 2015 alone. By understanding exactly what distracted driving is and how to eliminate it.

Study links noise at work to heart disease

Kentucky residents who work in noisy environments might experience difficulty concentrating and completing tasks. However, a new study has found that a loud workplace could also be harmful to one's health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study shows that working in a noisy environment could be linked to high blood pressure and high cholesterol

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