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October 2018 Archives

Tesla claims Autopilot reduces car crashes

Many people in Kentucky are interested in the potential of autonomous driving technology to cut down on the number of car accidents. One example of semi-autonomous technology currently installed in cars is Tesla's Autopilot system. The automaker issued a voluntary Vehicle Safety Report saying that drivers who use Autopilot are less likely to be involved in a crash than Tesla drivers who turn off Autopilot and far less likely to have an accident than the general driving population.

Fatigue increases safety concerns at high-risk jobs

A survey from the National Safety Council recently found that more than two-thirds of workers in Kentucky and the rest of the country feel tired at the workplace. In industries like construction, utilities and mining, this is a huge safety issue. Employers already recognize the risk fatigue has when it comes to safety and productivity, but employees still don't see tiredness as the problem it really is. Only 72 percent of workers say that they believe fatigue would have a negative impact on their work.

AAA research shows need for more supervised teen driving

As part of National Teen Driver Safety Week, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has released some research data. It should be of interest to both teen drivers and their parents in Kentucky. The most startling fact is that when teen drivers have only other teens as passengers, the fatality rate for all of them increases 51 percent. Other vehicle occupants are 56 percent more likely to die in a crash while bicyclists and pedestrians are 17 percent more likely.

OSHA inspectors to enforce trenching, excavation safety program

On Oct. 1, the revisions that OSHA made to its National Emphasis Program for trenching and excavation went into effect. Now, the organization's area and regional offices are reaching out to assist employers with safety compliance. This outreach period lasts 90 days, so employers in Kentucky, especially those in the private construction industry, may want to take advantage of it.

Drivers may rely on assistance tech too much

A study published by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety suggests that drivers in Kentucky and across the U.S. overestimate the abilities of some vehicle safety technologies. Specifically, drivers seem to believe automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring systems are actually more powerful. The results of the study raise concerns about how Americans will adapt to advancing safety systems and self-driving vehicles.

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