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Lyme disease is often undiagnosed

Many Kentucky residents could have Lyme disease and not even know it. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 30,000 Americans contract the disease every year. Even so, many of them will not even know it. The symptoms of Lyme disease mimic that of other diseases, making it difficult for doctors to make a diagnosis.

Some accident injuries can alter the course of your life

You may be a cautious and defensive driver, but you cannot always control the actions of those around you. When the negligence or recklessness of other drivers leaves you with injuries, you may have many questions about what your future will look like. Many car accidents result in fatalities, but far more end with life-changing injuries. Not only do certain injuries reduce your quality of life, they may create extreme hardships for your Kentucky family, perhaps for the rest of your life.

Addressing the danger of lead exposure on the job

Kentucky residents should know that not far from them, in the city of Newark, officials have been handing out bottled water to the residents after finding high levels of lead in the water. The National Resources Defense Council has even sued the city, claiming that officials failed to install systems to prevent water corrosion on service lines. All of this shows the importance of preventing lead exposure.

Improving workplace safety in three steps

There are three steps that employers in Kentucky can take to improve workplace safety. These points can be helpful for workplaces in all industries. First, employers will want to consider indoor air quality. A poorly ventilated building can trap mold and pollen and cause workers to have headaches, nausea, itchy skin and fatigue. When more than 20% of occupants suffer like this, employers can be sure that they have sick building syndrome.

One-hour sepsis treatment protocol may harm patients

Sepsis is a potentially deadly medical condition that requires quick treatment. However, a recently-published editorial argues that new guidelines requiring sepsis to be treated within one hour of diagnosis could actually harm patients in Kentucky and elsewhere.

Misdiagnoses and what the victims of it can do

Doctors and nurses do not always correctly diagnose conditions. In fact, experts estimate that each year, doctors misdiagnose 12 million people, missing 20% of serious medical conditions. Kentucky residents would do well to get a second, third or even fourth opinion when diagnosed with a condition.

Study links surgeons' bad behavior with risk for patient injury

Between 20% and 30% of surgeons in Kentucky and across the U.S. are reported for unprofessional behavior from co-workers or from former patients and their families. Unprofessional behavior in the OR should be of concern to everyone since it raises the risk of patients developing post-surgical complications. A study linking the two has recently been published by JAMA Surgery.

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