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Questioning jailhouse informants

When individuals living in Kentucky deal with the criminal justice system, they may mistakenly expect that their right to due process will protect them from being convicted of a crime. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Poor police work, corrupt legal systems and badly handled evidence can result in an unjust conviction of an innocent person. One area of particular concern in recent years has been the use of so-called jailhouse informants, individuals who meet a suspect in jail or prison and then claim that the suspect confessed to a crime.

The excitement of motorcycle rides can be intoxicating but deadly

There is no doubt that the sense of freedom and excitement motorcycle riders experience make this a popular mode of transport. The fact that their bikes have only two wheels requires riders to have better coordination and more skills than drivers of cars need. The lack of protection such as seat belts, airbags, and an enclosed rider make motorcyclists vulnerable to a variety of bodily injuries from mild to catastrophic.

How automated safety features can reduce crash risk

Kentucky drivers run the risk for a crash when backing out of parking lots, driving down the highway, changing lanes and doing other basic maneuvers. This is where advanced driver assistance systems can be of benefit. The ability of ADAS to prevent car crashes has been attested to by various tests. Now, a study from General Motors and the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute has gauged the effectiveness of ADAS in the real world.

Semi-autonomous crash highlights flaws in technology

Kentucky drivers know to pull to the side and watch out when they see police cars and fire trucks ahead, lights blazing. However, while self-driving vehicles aim to make the roadways safer, these cars do not yet fully reflect human perceptions of danger or even note the existence of emergency vehicles ahead. This challenge in developing truly autonomous cars was highlighted in a car accident involving a Tesla running its own semi-autonomous software, Autopilot, and a fire truck. The fire truck was parked ahead on a freeway along with police cars, responding to an incident. The Tesla ran into the back of the truck, leading to property damage but no injuries.

Challenges in diagnosing and treating rare cancers

People in Kentucky with rare cancers may face a difficult time getting a correct diagnosis, let alone receiving the correct treatment for their diseases. There are very few treatment options for some rare forms of cancer. Furthermore, patients may only learn that they have these rare cancers after spending a long time searching for a correct diagnosis. The rarer a disease is, the more common misdiagnosis may be. When it comes to cancer and other types of progressive diseases, misdiagnosis can make the disease far more severe and difficult to treat. Early detection is particularly significant in cancer treatment.

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