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Standing Up For Kentucky Bikers

Motorcyclists can be at the mercy of other drivers. When a distracted minivan pulls in front of a bike, the minivan is usually fine. It’s the bike (and its rider) that pays the price.

At Edwards & Kautz Law Firm, we understand the frustration bikers feel and fight hard to get riders the compensation they deserve after an accident.

Many People Don’t Look For Motorcycles

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, people are 27 times more likely to get in an accident on a motorcycle than in another type of vehicle. One reason for that discrepancy is that motorcycles are hard to see. They are smaller and harder to spot when stopped at an intersection.

They can also be hidden behind a van or large truck and seem to appear from nowhere when they change lanes. During rainstorms, they are even harder to see. A car or truck driver who hits a motorcyclist may be responsible even if they did not see the cyclist.

The Dangers Of Bad Road Conditions

Bad roads, like potholes, oil slicks or ruts, that cause minor problems for car drivers can be deadly for cyclists. Slides can send the cyclist spinning into oncoming traffic or nearby trees and buildings.

Hazards on the road, such as ongoing construction, sharp turns and fresh pavement or loose stone should be marked by the highway department. If they are not clearly marked (or not marked at all), an accident may be the fault of the highway department.

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Riding on the open road is an experience that is hard to top, but distracted drivers and poor road conditions can turn a dream ride into a nightmare in an instant.

If you or someone you know was in a motorcycle accident, contact an attorney Edwards & Kautz Law Firm. We’ll listen to the details of your situation and help you get you the settlement you need. To schedule your free initial consultation with a lawyer at our Paducah, Kentucky, office, call 270-908-4914 or write to us online.