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Personal Injury and Boating Accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2014 | Personal Injury |

A relaxing day of fun and sun out on the boat with family can turn into a nightmare if you and your loved ones are involved in a boating accident. It only takes a few seconds for an accident to happen that can change your lives forever. Whether you are the one driving the boat or a family member of someone who has been injured, the confusion and frustration that accompanies the situation can be overwhelming. Boating accidents can result in more than just a damaged vessel. They can also result in traumatic injury and, in worst case scenarios, death. The key to winning a personal injury case that is associated with a boating accident involves having an attorney who understands the importance of seeing a case through to the end. Personal injury cases can be difficult to prove, but a qualified attorney is able to present their case in such a way that the court must take a closer look at every detail. Even when there is no malicious intent on the part of the other driver, the fact remains that their actions resulted in injury, either physically, mentally or financially. An attorney must be able to evaluate how the injury will continued to affect a person over the course of their lifetime. In cases, where a boating accident resulted in death, the impact will be felt for the survivors’ lifetimes. Boating accidents are similar to automobile accidents in that accidents most often occur in public, in front of witnesses and in areas where many people can be affected at one time. When a person acts recklessly while operating a boat, they endanger not only their own lives, but the lives of everyone around them. The attorney who is chosen to represent the injured party must be ready to pursue every legal avenue available to gain compensation for his or her client. Many injuries associated with boating accidents are quite traumatic considering the boat is a wide open vessel. Even the slightest contact from another boat can send passengers over the side or knock them off their feet. The fact of the matter is the unstable nature of a boat resting on the water can cause the accident to be more severe than it should be. One aspect of boating accidents that must be thoroughly investigated is whether or not alcohol is involved. Many boaters carry beer or other alcoholic beverages onto the lake when they go fishing or swimming. They rarely associated the use of alcohol with unexpected accidents until one happens and brings them back to stark reality. If you or a loved one has been involved in a boating accident, filing a personal injury claim is well within your rights. Your injuries will impact your ability to work, play and enjoy your time on your boat. You are entitled to compensation and deserve to have the peace of mind that comes with having a highly trained, qualified personal injury attorney on your side.