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Is putting on makeup while driving dangerous?

Complacency could become a problem among drivers who multitask. A person who eats while driving might not worry much. Yet, an accident could occur when not entirely focused. When someone chooses to put on makeup while driving, they could be taking an even greater...

Dangerous driving habits to avoid

Most people consider themselves to be good drivers, but almost everyone engages in at least one habit that could increase their risk of getting into an accident. For instance, it isn't uncommon for drivers to perform rolling stops at intersections or to drive faster...

Knowing about the dangers of drowsy driving

You may have been the victim of a drowsy driver in Kentucky, and the injuries may have been so severe that personal injury protection won't cover the losses. In that case, you might be eligible to file a third-party insurance claim. Drowsy driving is one of the...

Distracted truckers pose a danger

One of the greatest dangers that you will face on the road in Kentucky comes from large trucks. These vehicles naturally pose a risk to other drivers due to their large size. However, this risk is compounded by the fact that some truck drivers are not fully engaged...

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