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The NTSB wants all new cars to have speed reduction software

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2024 | Car Accidents |

Speeding is a big problem on American roads, a leading cause of crashes and injuries every year. The National Transportation Safety Board recently suggested adding speed reduction software to all new cars to limit how fast a car can go.

While drivers still control their cars, the software would help prevent dangerous driving. This idea aims to lower the high number of accidents, injuries and deaths caused by speeding. Speed-related vehicle accidents not only affect motorists; they can also injure or kill passengers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Kentucky speeding accidents

The Kentucky Traffic Collision Facts 2022 Report lists two speed-related contributing factors to accidents:

Too fast for conditions: 3,717 collisions representing 3.42% of all collisions; 35 fatal collisions, 4.92% of total fatalities.

Unsafe speed: 1,166 accidents, 1.07% of the year’s total collisions; 108 fatal crashes, representing 15.19% of all fatal collisions.

Speeding drivers often practice other unsafe behaviors, such as distracted driving, aggressive driving and failing to yield.

Defining speed reduction software

Intelligent Speed Assistance technologies help drivers maintain safe speeds while driving. They typically use GPS data and road sign recognition to determine the speed limits on the road the vehicle is traveling on.

Passive ISA systems alert drivers when they exceed speed limits by providing visual or auditory warnings. They do not directly intervene in vehicle speed but remind drivers to comply with speed regulations.

In contrast, active ISA software can control vehicle speed autonomously by limiting engine power or applying brakes when the vehicle surpasses speed limits.

Controversies with this approach

Supporters of the NTSB’s idea say that ISA software could save many lives by promoting safer driving. By setting speed limits, the software encourages drivers to follow speed rules and be more careful on the road, leading to fewer and less severe accidents.

However, some disagree with the proposal because they worry it limits drivers’ freedom. They think adding speed reduction software removes the right to drive as they want. Also, there are concerns about how well the technology would work in real driving situations.

Speeding can create chaos

Speeding drivers can disrupt traffic flow and increase the likelihood of accidents. Their erratic behavior can lead to sudden lane changes, tailgating and reduced reaction times, creating unsafe conditions for other motorists.

Speeding drivers may also cause congestion by forcing other vehicles to slow down or change lanes abruptly to avoid collisions, resulting in delays and frustration for all road users.

Slow down

Whether or not new cars will have ISA systems, drivers should follow posted speed limits and lower speeds when conditions dictate. Talking to an experienced car crash lawyer can help you understand your options if you’ve been in a collision with a speeding driver.