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6 Social Security Disability Secrets: Improve Your Chances of Approval!

On Behalf of | Feb 29, 2016 | Social Security Disability |

Over 70% of social security disability claims are denied in Kentucky. Use these tips to help improve your chances of being approved. If you have a disability or illness that makes it impossible for you to work and earn a living, you may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, benefits. Unfortunately, many people who should qualify for benefits receive denials from the Social Security Administration. Use these social security disability tips to help maximize your chances having your SSDI claim approved in Kentucky. 1.Understand the Process To apply for SSDI benefits, you must first submit an application. If your social security disability claim is approved, you will begin receiving benefits. However, as many as 70% of initial social security disability claims are denied. In Kentucky, the disapproval rate is around 76.8%. If your claim is denied, you can appeal this decision by submitting a request for reconsideration to the Social Security Administration. If your request for reconsideration is denied, you can ask for a formal hearing, which will pass a final judgment. 2. Hire an Attorney If your social security disability claim is denied, it is best to work with an experienced lawyer at Edwards & Kautz Law Firm to help with the reconsideration process and to file for a formal hearing. After you are denied, schedule a consultation with a social security disability attorney to discuss your options. 3. Don’t Collect Unemployment To qualify for disability, you must be unable to work. However, collecting unemployment indicates that you are not only able to work, but are also actively looking for a job. If the Social Security Administration learns that you are collecting unemployment, your claim will most likely be denied. 4. Don’t Try to Work Full-Time As with collecting unemployment, working a full-time job indicates that your condition is not severe enough to qualify for SSDI benefits. Even if your money is getting very tight, it is best to avoid working full-time while you are applying for disability. 5. Pay Attention to Deadlines Each time you receive a communication from the Social Security Administration, it will include a deadline for taking action. Be sure to submit all of the required paperwork by these deadlines to avoid complications. Often, if you miss a deadline, you will be disqualified or have to start the application process over from the beginning. 6. Follow Your Doctors’ Instructions When the Social Security Administration reviews your disability application, they will look over all of your medical records to verify that you qualify for benefits. In some cases, your doctors may even submit statements on your behalf. To ensure that your medical records and all communications from your doctors are as beneficial to your case as possible, always follow your doctors’ instructions carefully and to the letter. If your social security disability claim has been denied, call Edwards & Kautz Law Firm at 270-908-4914 to schedule a free legal consultation. We are dedicated to ensuring you get the disability benefits you deserve.