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The Shocking Statistics on Kentucky Traffic Accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2016 | Car Accidents |

Kentucky is ranked seventh in the country for deadly traffic accidents, which is why you should know exactly what to do in the event of a wreck.

Any Kentucky traffic accident lawyer will agree that the state’s drivers must be aware of their surroundings constantly. Although Kentucky roads offer many scenic views and attractions, recent statistics have shown an alarming increase in accident-related deaths and injuries that can occur if you are not paying attention. Dangers can exist in every bend of the road, which is why you should learn what to do in the event of a traffic accident.

Kentucky Traffic Accident Statistics

Between January 1, 2016, and September 26, 2016, 570 people died in car accidents in Kentucky. These statistics reveal a troubling increase in fatal collisions. Tragically, 40 more people have died in 2016 when compared to the same period in 2015. The number climbs to 97 additional deaths when the same 2016 statistics are compared to 2014. To shed more light on the state’s traffic accident statistics, the Kentucky Governor’s Office releases an annual report on traffic collisions. The most recent report, published in 2014, offers additional insights into the risks drivers face on the state’s roadways:

  • 672 people were killed in auto accidents.
  • 156 people were killed in alcohol-related traffic accidents.
  • 34,221 people were injured in auto accidents.
  • 40% of all fatalities involved crashing into a fixed object.
  • 11,517 hit-and-run accidents occurred, in which nine people died and 959 people were injured.
  • 13,000 accidents were recorded in October, making it the most dangerous month for drivers.

How to Handle a Traffic Accident in Kentucky

Once you are aware of Kentucky’s traffic accident statistics, you can prepare for the possibility of a car wreck. The first thing to do after a collision is to make sure you, your passengers, and others involved in the accident are not seriously injured. The first priority should always be emergency medical treatment. The next step is to call the police so they can record your statement and make a report. If possible, obtain witness statements and take pictures of the scene. Be careful not to speak to anyone else about your accident, particularly an insurance adjuster, until you speak to a traffic accident lawyer.

Why a Traffic Accident Lawyer is Important

Filing an insurance claim for damages after a traffic accident in Kentucky is not as easy as simply presenting an insurer with the expenses you incurred and the amount of wages you lost. Auto insurance companies make every attempt to limit the amount they are required to pay. A traffic accident lawyer will be on your side to ensure your rights are protected and the necessary evidence is collected. Some specific ways a lawyer can help include:

  • Proving fault: Under Kentucky law, determining who was at fault in an accident is the key factor when a court is deciding who will receive compensation. An experienced traffic accident lawyer will know what evidence must be collected to prove fault.
  • Proving damages: All your expenses and the amount of wages you lost in the wake of an accident must be thoroughly documented. Experts will be necessary to document any expected future medical expenses and lost wages, and your lawyer can assist in gathering this information.
  • Working for a fair settlement:  Your traffic accident lawyer will know how to negotiate and get a fair settlement. If that is not possible, they will be prepared to fight for you at trial.

If you were in an accident in Kentucky and need a traffic accident lawyer, contact Edwards & Kautz Law Firm at 270-908-4914 to schedule a free legal consultation. The attorneys at Edwards & Kautz can help you file a personal injury or wrongful death claim on your behalf.