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When Will My Social Security Disability Benefits Start and Stop?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2017 | Social Security Disability |

After a claim is successful and approved, receiving Social Security Disability benefits should not be the complicated part of the SSD process. Keep your peace of mind by knowing about the status of your benefits.

If you have been approved for Social Security Disability benefits, you probably have questions about when your benefits will start and how long they will last. Staying informed about your benefits will leave you with one less thing to worry about, especially after a hard fought battle or appeal to get a successful SSD claim.

When do Social Security Disability Checks Arrive?

After your benefit claim has been approved, you will receive a communication from the Social Security Administration (SSA) explaining the amount and date for your first benefit payment, and the amount and day of the month that you can expect to receive subsequent disability benefit payments. Your benefit payment date will be either the second, third, or fourth Wednesday of every month, based on your birthday and subject to certain exceptions. If you are approved for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in addition to Social Security Disability payments, you will receive your benefits on the third day of each month. Most Social Security Disability recipients opt for receiving benefits via direct deposit into their bank accounts, although mail delivery is an option. Another option is to receive benefits loaded onto a debit card provided by the SSA.

When does Social Security Disability Stop?

Social Security Disability benefits will end when you are no longer disabled and are able to work at a level considered “substantial” by the SSA. You are “substantially working” when you are able to earn more than $1,130 per month (or more than $1,820 per month if you are blind). These numbers reflect 2016 figures and may rise slightly when 2017 numbers are released. If you are still receiving Social Security Disability benefits when you reach your regular retirement age, they will end and you will begin receiving Social Security Retirement benefits instead. Benefits may also end if the SSA determines that your condition has improved enough to allow you to work. The SSA conducts periodic reviews of people receiving Social Security Disability benefits to determine eligibility for continued benefits. That process includes re-reviewing medical records and, sometimes, undergoing medical examinations paid for by the SSA. The SSA wants people with disabilities to be able to return to work, so it has implemented programs and incentives designed to help you reenter the workforce.

Edwards & Kautz Law Firm Helps Clients Get Disability Benefits

If you or someone you love is unable to work because of a physical or mental disability, the Social Security Disability lawyers at the Edwards and Kautz Law Firm in Kentucky will help you to determine if you should apply for benefits. If you were denied benefits, the experienced attorneys at Edwards & Kautz Law Firm Law Firm can help you get the benefits you deserve. Schedule a free initial consultation and a review of your case by contacting us at 270-908-4914.