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Driving safely after Daylight Saving Time

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Drivers in Kentucky should be very careful on the road after setting their clocks one hour ahead for Daylight Saving Time. Due to the loss of sleep that occurs as a result of skipping ahead one hour, drivers have an increased risk of being involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident. According to a traffic study conducted by AAA, drowsy driving contributes to almost 10 percent of all motor vehicle crashes.

Another issue for concern is that the roads may not look the same to the drivers. Following the time change, morning commute hours will be much darker. There is also an issue of being temporarily blinded or distracted by glares as the sun rises. Drivers can lessen the effects of glares by using their visors or wearing polarized eyeglasses.

To plan for the adjustment, drivers should try to get plenty of sleep the night before Daylight Saving Time. This may help with getting one’s body back into its regular schedule. Individuals should also make an effort to be extra safe when on the road.

With Daylight Saving Time, the days will begin to last longer and people will be outside during the busiest travel times. Drivers should be extra cautious when near pedestrians and other drivers. People who like to walk during the night, dawn or dusk should use a flashlight and wear noticeably bright clothing.

A personal injury attorney may advise clients who have been injured in car accidents about their legal options. Financial damages may be pursued against the at-fault drivers. Compensation could cover medical bills, lost wages and more.