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Strategies to help seniors take medicine correctly and on time

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2018 | Medical Malpractice |

Kentucky residents of any age can forget things sometimes, but complex medication schedules might be especially challenging for senior citizens. They might need to take pills at different times of the day, and forgotten dosages could lead to medical emergencies. Among older people, as many as 41 percent of them have to take five or more prescription medications daily. A senior could benefit from the adoption of a pill organization strategy. A close relative or caretaker could help a senior set up a reminder system to prevent potentially dangerous mix ups.

The compartment pill organizer represents a simple and affordable method for sorting medications for the week. These organizers separate daily doses between mornings and afternoons. A caretaker can visit a senior every week and reload the containers. An electronic pill dispenser offers a more advanced option that includes alarms that inform a person to take pills at certain times of the day. Smartphone applications also exist that people can use to set up a medication regimen with reminders.

Careful organization can help seniors overcome forgetfulness, but a caretaker might still need to read fine print on pill bottles and pick up prescriptions for a loved one. Consistent efforts like these could prevent medication errors among seniors. Mistakes with pills result in the hospitalization of approximately 770,000 adults every year.

At times, medication errors emerge from mistakes made by health care professionals. The wrong dose or dangerous reactions to multiple prescriptions could worsen a person’s condition and potentially constitute medical malpractice. A patient who has been harmed in such a manner could consult an attorney to see what recourse might be available.