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Traffic accidents now the eighth leading cause of death

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Residents of Kentucky and elsewhere in the U.S. should be aware that traffic accidents are now globally the eighth leading cause of death. However, only 29 percent of global traffic-related deaths involve car occupants. The majority of deaths involve pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

Poorly maintained roads are known to have a major role in traffic accidents. For example, vehicles are more likely to swerve on a road littered with debris and potholes. Another dangerous type of road is an undivided road, which is more likely to see head-on collisions. For pedestrians, roads without footpaths and safe crossing areas are hazardous. Countries and states that take care of their roads are less likely to have traffic accidents.

Laws against speeding and drunk driving play a major role in these statistics. Laws regarding the use of child restraints and seat belts also help improve safety in the event of a car crash. Because lower-income countries do not tend to regulate their roads as much as higher-income countries do, low-income countries are responsible for 13 percent of traffic-related deaths despite having only 1 percent of motor vehicles worldwide. The lack of traffic lights, crosswalks and well-maintained roads also plays a part in the dangers associated with these countries.

Kentucky residents who have suffered a traffic-related injury and do not believe they were at fault might consider seeking the assistance of an attorney with experience in car accidents. If an attorney is able to prove that the injury was a result of a driver’s negligence, the injured party may be eligible for compensation. Compensation might include lost wages, pain and suffering and medical expenses as well as transportation to and from appointments in the event of an injury that requires physical therapy.