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Riders in the backs of SUVs have less protection than you think

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Automobile crashes can result in devastating injuries. Fortunately, vehicle manufacturers are getting better at incorporating safety into their products.

The news, though, is not all rosy. A recent study suggests that backseat passengers in small SUVs are in greater danger.

Why do rear passengers have less protection?

Car designers focus on pleasing the driver. Thus, technological components, such as automatically tightening seat belts, exist in the front. Elsewhere, these features are commonly absent. For instance, modern cars typically boast airbags aimed at shielding the operator. Those in the rear often have no such safeguards.

Why small SUVs are particularly dangerous

Because of their size, many believe that SUVs will protect their children during a crash. In reality, these rides are considerably more dangerous than others. They are 11 times more likely to roll over in an accident. Beyond that, kids in SUV crashes are at an above-average risk of dying.

What severe injuries are possible

Because they often do not have airbags, backseat riders may bang their heads with great force. These impacts sometimes lead to traumatic brain injuries with irreversible consequences.

There is also a higher chance of chest injury. Should a collision happen, the lap belt might shift from the pelvis to the abdomen. The resulting jolt could lead to organ harm or internal bleeding. Other potential wounds include broken spinal cords and life-altering burns from engine fires.

The auto industry continues to make positive strides. Still, this safety discrepancy suggests that there is still work to do. Until there is no risk, parents should remain aware of the danger that SUVs pose to their little ones.