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Pedestrian deaths on the rise in Kentucky

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2024 | Personal Injury |

Pedestrian deaths are on the rise, posing a major concern for communities across Kentucky. There are several reasons behind this troubling trend.

Understanding the underlying causes of the increase in pedestrian deaths is helpful for anyone traveling on foot.

Infrastructure challenges

The lack of pedestrian-friendly infrastructure in many areas contributes to the rise in pedestrian deaths. Insufficient crosswalks, poorly designed roadways and inadequate lighting can create hazardous conditions. They can also increase the risk of accidents and fatalities. Urban sprawl and the prioritization of vehicle traffic over pedestrian safety have compounded the problem, making it more difficult for pedestrians to navigate streets.

Distracted and impaired driving

Distracted and impaired driving also contributes to the increase in pedestrian deaths. The widespread use of smartphones and other electronic devices has led to a rise in distracted driving behaviors. Impaired driving, including driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, is also pervasive on Kentucky roadways. It is also one that further endangers pedestrians and other vulnerable road users.

Changing behaviors and demographics

Changes in pedestrian behaviors and demographics may also play a role in the increase in pedestrian deaths. Factors such as an aging population, increased walking for health and shifts in urban planning and development patterns contribute to greater exposure to pedestrian risks. The prevalence of speeding and aggressive driving behaviors among motorists further heightens the dangers pedestrians face.

Per LEX18, there were 104 pedestrian fatalities in Kentucky in 2022. As of late November 2023, there were already 113 pedestrian deaths across the commonwealth. By recognizing the challenges that contribute to pedestrian deaths,  communities can better strategize effective solutions to prevent them.

Pedestrians struck by motor vehicles often face months or years of recovery time from their injuries. If you or a loved one has suffered these injuries, talking to a personal injury attorney is an important next step.