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What To Look For In a Car Accident Attorney

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2014 | Car Accidents |

Most people, if they are lucky, have not had to try to navigate their way through the after effects of an automobile accident. Personal injury and damages are just two of the unfortunate affects one experiences as a result of an accident. With there being so many attorneys out there, finding one to represent you is simple. Finding a car accident attorney that will be a good fit both professionally and personally isn’t as easy and shouldn’t intensify an already emotional situation. Plenty of attorneys would be thrilled to handle your case, but gratitude isn’t the only quality they should possess. Below are just some of the important qualities to look for in a car accident attorney in order to get the most favorable and satisfactory outcome:


“This means returning every call, every single time.” There is a lot of information that the client needs to know and there will be many questions to answer. The more informed the client is the better experience they will have. A good car accident attorney keeps you “in the know,” which in return keeps you confident that your case is being handled with your best interests at heart.


“Showing you that we care and mean it.” When someone calls a car accident attorney’s office, it’s usually a safe bet that something has gone wrong in their life and they need help with it. Not only does the client want the problem fixed, but needs someone to care about them and appreciate what they are going through. Often times, this will be overlooked by lawyers. As a client, you need empathy, perspective and a connection in order to feel confident you’ve made the right decision. Whether someone’s injuries are catastrophic or minor, the injuries were not asked for. A good automobile accident attorney not only fixes the problem, but shows through his or her actions that they care about getting the best possible outcome for their client.


“You want a lawyer who has fixed your problem many times before.” An attorney might sound good over the phone or in the initial consultation, but if they don’t have the case experience or reputation to back it up, you could find yourself with a bunch of empty promises. If your car accident attorney is promising you an “x” amount of money you will be awarded in your settlement, he’s probably not the right attorney for you. Look for an attorney or reputable firm that regularly handles automobile accidents and personal injury claims. These attorneys work day in and day out with insurance companies, adjusters, and opposing attorneys to properly handle your case and get you the most favorable outcome for your case.

Good ole fashioned hard work

“The secret to getting a good result for a client is simple: hustle.” An attorney should be both persistent and not afraid to go to court. Sometimes a trial is in your clients’ best interest. Having the experience, skill, and willingness to try a case to a jury separates the good lawyers from the bad ones.