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Minor Fender Bender vs. Major Collision: Determining When You Need a Lawyer

On Behalf of | May 20, 2015 | Personal Injury |

If you have been injured in a car wreck, ask yourself these questions before contacting your local Kentucky auto accident lawyers: Do I Have No-Fault Insurance? In Kentucky, drivers are required to buy no-fault insurance policies, unless it is rejected in writing. These policies pay for medical expense and wage loss regardless of fault. However, no-fault policies may limit your ability to file a bodily injury claim. Local auto accident lawyers have experience with no-fault policies and can help you determine if you have grounds for filing suit. If you have no-fault insurance, but you have experienced any of the following, consider discussing your case with an auto accident lawyer:

  • Your medical expenses exceeded $1000
  • You were disfigured in the accident
  • Your injuries have disabled you

If you do not have no-fault insurance, you may file a claim without meeting the above eligibility requirements. Who Is at Fault? Ideally, the police will assess the accident, and determine who is at fault, but their assessment doesn’t mean much. If the other driver is found at fault and you have been injured, seeking legal assistance is straightforward. However, fault is not always assigned correctly. Regardless of the police assessment, consult an auto accident lawyer to determine the likelihood of your claim succeeding in court. You can increase the likelihood that your claim will succeed by:

  • Taking pictures of the damage as soon as possible
  • Talking to any witnesses and collecting their contact information
  • Keeping a record of all expenses related to the accident, especially out-of-pocket bills
  • Avoiding communication with opposing lawyers and adjusters

Additionally, never use language that admits fault following an accident such as “I’m so sorry,” “I didn’t mean to do that,” or “I didn’t see you!” The other driver can use this against you in the police report or in court. Even if you have been in a minor fender bender, consulting an attorney is important. The amount of property damage has no relationship to the severity of your injuries. If your out-of-pocket expenses amount to $15,000 or more, or if you are unable to work due to injury, reparation may be crucial to your financial well-being. In this case, talk to your lawyer about negotiating a settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached, your auto attorney has the option to take the case to trial to pursue the compensation to which you are entitled. A good auto accident lawyer will have experience assessing your claim.   If you have been in a car accident, contact the auto accident attorneys at Edwards & Kautz Law Firm. Call us at 270-908-4914 to schedule a free consultation