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November 2015 Archives

Newberry and Harnice Trial Date Set

After three years of investigation and preliminary court proceedings, former McCracken County Judge-Executive Van Newberry and former Deputy Judge Doug Harnice will stand trial. The defendants are charged with one count each of tampering with public records. If convicted of the Class D felony, the defendants could be subject to up to five years in prison. Newberry and Harnice's indictment signaled the end of an eight-month investigation into allegations that the two public officials ordered hundreds of changes to county zoning maps without going through the proper, legal documentation including: notification to property owners, public advertisement of the changes, public hearings, and approval documentation from the county planning commission and the county fiscal court. Neither of the defendants took a plea deal offered by the commonwealth in 2014. Local defense attorney, William Kautz, of Edwards & Kautz Law Firm in Paducah, KY, says it's because his clients are innocent: "No agreement was reached, the reason being that Van and Doug have done nothing wrong," says Kautz. "It's hard to reach an agreement under those circumstances...I think they're going to be found not guilty." The trial date is set for December 14, 2015. The proceedings are estimated to take about three days.

What Is a Contingency Fee?

Some attorneys work off a contingency fee or take certain types of cases on a contingent basis. Understanding what these fees are, how they work, and how they have the potential to affect your case is key to a positive resolution. Legal expertise is valuable and the costs associated with an attorney's consulting, paperwork, phone calls, and litigation require revenue. However, attorneys who work on a contingent basis do not collect those legal fees from you up front.

What are my chances of winning my Social Security case?

That is perhaps the most-often-asked question: what are my odds of winning? Unfortunately, it is a question that cannot be answered. Please bear in mind that each case is different, each person's ability or inability to deal with health issues varies, and individuals; uniquely respond to medicine, physical therapy, injections, and surgery differently. The Social Security disability attorneys at Edwards & Kautz, PLLC zealously represents Social Security applicants in presenting testimony and medical records to the ALJ. If you have been diagnosed with medical conditions - be they physical, mental, or a combination of the two (2) - that prevent you from working, and the treatment you are actively receiving is not curing those conditions, then you are certainly strengthening your case. Again, however, no result can ever be guaranteed.

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