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The Serious Consequences of Getting a DUI in Kentucky

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

We don’t take these cases lightly, so we want you to know the facts.

First offense DUIs carry significant penalties, and have the potential for a number of out-of-court consequences. A first offense DUI has the following possible penalties:

  • Up to 30 days in jail.
  • A fine of up to $500.
  • A license suspension between 30 and 120 days.
  • Mandatory completion of an Alcohol/Drug Education program.
  • In some circumstances, the court can order a driver convicted of DUI to install an ignition interlock on their vehicle.

Fortunately, a non-aggravated first offense DUI does not carry any mandatory jail time. If there are aggravating circumstances, however, first offense DUI convictions have a minimum four-day jail sentence. In addition to penalties that the court imposes, a DUI conviction can have significant other consequences. Some employers fire employees if they are convicted of DUI. Virtually all insurance companies will significantly increase the driver’s rates, and many insurance companies will not insure someone with a DUI conviction. Drivers with a CDL will lose the CDL for at least a year on a first offense DUI, even if they are not driving a commercial motor vehicle at the time of the DUI. In addition to the consequences set out above, a first offense conviction for DUI can be used in the future to increase the penalties if a driver is charged with a DUI in the future. Under current Kentucky law, DUIs are enhanceable for a ten-year period. This means that a second DUI within ten years carries up to six months in jail, a third carries up to twelve months, and a fourth or greater DUI in ten years carries up to five years in prison. Furthermore, subsequent DUIs have higher mandatory sentences and carry greater fines, license suspensions, and treatment requirements. Any DUI should be aggressively defended, because a conviction can have life-altering results. No one should plead guilty to a DUI without consulting an attorney. If you are charged with a DUI, or have questions about DUI law, feel free to contact an attorney at Edwards and Kautz at 270-908-4914.