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What to expect when you’re not expecting a TBI

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2018 | Car Accidents |

As the number of drivers on the roads increases, the risk of car accidents also rises. There is no playbook on how to handle injuries sustained during a car wreck that you or a loved one has experienced. Though each traumatic brain injury is unique, there are resources  that can help you learn what to expect when encountering a TBI in your life.

A traumatic brain injury occurs when a head injury causes a disruption in the normal function of the brain. This damage to brain tissue is caused by an external force rather than internal such as a stroke or tumor. The severity of one’s TBI may tell you how life will be after the injury.

What happens because of a TBI

A TBI that is non-fatal may result in a long period of unconsciousness or amnesia. There is a wide range of effects that can occur after the injury. Cognitive function may change as attention and memory become weary. Your loved one may also find that their motor function has been impacted. This may be noticeable in terms of weakness and balance.

A person’s sensation may also change because of a TBI. They may have trouble with vision, hearing and touch. As a loved one of this vulnerable individual, you may notice emotional changes in them as well. The depression, anxiety or impulse control issues that accompany TBI can be particularly frustrating for survivors and their loved ones.

It is difficult to predict how someone with a traumatic brain injury will recover as no two brain injuries are alike. When someone suffers a TBI, the whole family is affected and as a caregiver you may experience different emotions. As a loved one and caregiver it is important to recognize though it is not an easy time, there are services to help you cope with the various challenges traumatic brain injuries carry with them.