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Road risks during back-to-school time

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Sending your kids back to school after a summer at home is another adventure. You probably have a lot to do and a lot to think about as the new school year approaches. But have you considered the increased road risks that might come along with back-to-school time?

There are many new activities going on and people may use the road differently during the school months. Here are a few aspects of back-to-school and road use to be aware of this fall:


During the fall when the weather is still nice, kids might want to ride their bikes to school. School children may also use their bikes as a way to unwind after a full day of class. Drivers should be aware of these riders on the road. Bikes on the road have the same responsibilities as cars, but young children who are just learning how to ride their bikes may not be aware of these rules and they may be harder to see.

You should take care to be extra vigilant in areas where there may be children or other people riding bikes and be sure to use extra caution when driving near bicyclists.


School time may mean an increase in pedestrians, too, especially children. Some children may walk to school or need to cross streets to get to their school. You may need to careful around crosswalks and in school zones and be vigilant about crossing guards as well as children walking on the road.

School buses

Back-to-school also means more school buses on the roads. Buses are large vehicles and drivers of regular cars will need to be careful when on the road with them, especially since they transport school children. Children may not be aware of the safety regulations concerning road regulations, so drivers will need to be extra cautious around bus stops.

Be sure to obey all regulations concerning buses. You should not pass a bus when the lights are flashing and it is safest to stop at least 10 feet behind a bus when it is stopped.

Many car accidents involving children occur near schools, so it is essential to be careful in school zones this fall and throughout the school year.