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Is putting on makeup while driving dangerous?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Complacency could become a problem among drivers who multitask. A person who eats while driving might not worry much. Yet, an accident could occur when not entirely focused. When someone chooses to put on makeup while driving, they could be taking an even greater risk. A lot might go wrong when distracted drivers travel Kentucky roads, and putting on makeup may cause significant distractions.

Putting on makeup may create a disastrous distraction

People may run late, which is why they might put on makeup in the car. Rather than “waste” more time at home, they take to the road and use the rearview mirror like a vanity mirror. Hands move from the wheel to apply the makeup, and attention directs away from the road. Unfortunately, reaction time may decrease. Losing only 1.5 seconds in reaction time could lead to an accident that otherwise might have been avoided.

Hazards could appear on the road without warning. A driver might make an unsafe lane change and cut in front, or a bicyclist may dart out into the street. Drivers need to be aware of the road to react properly and, hopefully, avoid a calamity.

Distractions and Negligence

Putting on makeup is one of many dangerous distracted driving habits. Besides eating, as mentioned above, texting, playing with a touchscreen, or even talking to passengers might lead to a distraction-related collision. And there are many such accidents. Several hundreds of thousands of distracted driving accidents have led to injuries.

Imagine driving at a speed higher than the posted limit and not noticing vehicles ahead are stopped at a red light. Rear-ending a car may cause an injury. Going through a red light into an intersection might have similar or worse consequences.

Putting on makeup while driving may reasonably appear to be a grossly negligent action. Anyone whose negligent actions cause property damage, injuries, or death could be held liable.

Putting on makeup while operating a vehicle could lead to distracted driving car accidents. Persons injured by negligent drivers might file an insurance claim or explore options for a lawsuit. A personal injury attorney may assist someone seeking compensation.