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Do not make these 3 mistakes after an arrest in Kentucky

On Behalf of | May 31, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

You may find it scary when the police arrest you. You might worry about losing your job and having a criminal record. Times like these are stressful, and you could make detrimental decisions based on fear.

Wrongful imprisonments do happen in Kentucky. While some people later win lawsuits for wrongful incarceration, you do not want the trauma of imprisonment. Protect your freedom by avoiding these common mistakes.

1. Do not admit guilt

Law enforcement may tell you that things will go easier for you and that you will face a lighter sentence if you confess your guilt right away. Remember that you are not guilty of any crime until a jury decides against you. In the meantime, the police will look for as much incriminating evidence as they can. Do not make their job easier. You have the right to remain silent. Be wise and do not say a word.

2. Do not try to convince the police of your innocence

It is tempting to try and convince the arresting officer and others at the police station of your innocence. The police are not the ones you need to convince. As you try to persuade an officer of your innocence, you may say something that makes your circumstances worse. This is one reason why it is inadvisable to talk to law enforcement.

3. Do not miss any court appearances

Once you are out on bail, you may want to put everything out of your mind and ignore your hearings or, worse, run away. Both can lead to serious consequences. Always make every required court appearance.

Take an arrest seriously and do not discuss the case, particularly on social media. Law enforcement could use what you say against you.